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The East Coast Trail Guide is a digital trail guide and photo book filled with information about Newfoundland’s amazing East Coast Trail, including Cobbler Path.

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Don’t have Apple Books? There’s lots of trail information on this blog too. Below you’ll find a basic map, a quick trail description, and trail stories and photos from hikes in every season:

Basic map:

Trail description:

Cobbler Path runs from Outer Cove to Logy Bay.
Check the map for the following details:

  • The trail is 4.4 km in length, excluding long side trails and the 1.3 km access trail to the south trailhead.
  • The north trailhead is at the end of Doran’s Lane in Outer Cove.
  • The south trailhead is at the end of Red Cliff Road in Logy Bay.
  • Check the map for designated parking areas.
  • Bing Maps used to offer a unique aerial perspective of Cobbler Path.

This path was once called Red Cliff Path, but since its official inclusion in the East Coast Trail it’s been named after a small stream about halfway down the trail: the Cobbler.

Before you hike this trail from end to end, it’s worth mentioning that it can be enjoyed in several different and much shorter ways. I frequently hike it from the Doran’s Lane trailhead to Torbay Point and back, an easy but beautiful 2 km roundtrip.

Another option is hiking it from the Red Cliff Road parking area to the viewpoint at the old WWII bunker and back, maybe including the trail towards the Logy Bay viewpoint as well. Those options will run you about 3 km (return hike to bunker) or 5 km (return hike to bunker + Logy Bay viewpoint). These shorter options won’t get you to the secluded Cobblers Hole near the Cobbler though, you’ll have to hike a bit further to see that.

From Torbay Point, as well as from the bunker and from the top of Red Cliff, you can enjoy an amazing view of the ocean, seemingly almost straight down. In the summertime this means that Cobbler Path is spectacularly suited for watching whales, you can easily spot them beneath you from the 130m high cliffs, or if you feel the need you can even climb all the way down to the water at Torbay Point and Cobblers Hole for a closer look at these massive marine mammals.

Trail flyer:

Do you offer accommodation in this area? Here’s a trail flyer you can use to promote the trail. Flyers about other parts of the East Coast Trail can be found on the trail flyers page.

Scenic spots on Cobbler Path:

  • Torbay Point gives you a view of the bay and the ocean, doubling your chances of seeing something interesting.
  • The old WWII bunker on Red Cliff is an easily accessible 130m high platform from which to spot whales and icebergs.
  • Cobblers Hole is a nice and quiet place for lunch away from it all.
  • Logy Bay Viewpoint offers a great view of Sugarloaf Head and the Ocean Sciences Centre.
  • The abandoned Radar Station is in a state of total dilapidation, but still worth a visit.

Berry picking:

Berries you can find on Cobbler Path include blueberries, raspberries, partridgeberries, crackerberries, creeping snowberries, wild strawberries and chuckley pears.

Featured stories on Cobbler Path:

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