We’re after another beautiful day here in Newfoundland, lots of flurries passing through spurred on by the high winds. In the afternoon I spent some time on Signal Hill watching the weather overtake the city time and time again:

Flurries over St. John's - St. John's

Flurries over St. John’s – St. John’s

Flurries over the Atlantic Ocean - St. John's

Flurries over the Atlantic Ocean – St. John’s

After getting some groceries I threw in a sunset stroll on Cobbler Path for good measure. Walking down to Torbay Point I saw a Bald Eagle fly by and I swear it was the same one I saw earlier that day on Signal Hill. I see a lot of eagles these days and while I certainly enjoy seeing them, I’ve noticed I don’t write about them all that much anymore. Two years ago seeing an eagle would have been enough to create a new entry on this blog, but lately I see at least four of them on every hike so they’ve become more like trail companions and less like the flying oddities I first thought them to be.

Clouds over Torbay Point - Cobbler Path

Clouds over Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

Torbay Point remained in the shadow of the clouds but the view was great, there were flurries gently gliding over the Beamer just across the bay, subtly lit by the sunset:

Sunset flurries - Cobbler Path

Sunset flurries – Cobbler Path