Yesterday’s prediction of sunshine came through, so I collected a healthy dose of it on the snowy barrens at the Cobbler, a scenic valley halfway along Cobbler Path.

Aside from getting some exercise, my intentions were to see wildlife. It was easy to find animal tracks from all sorts of creatures, I followed hare tracks and fox tracks over the hills, but I didn’t find the critters themselves.

Fox tracks in the snow – Cobbler Path

On the icy cliffs below the trail I saw tracks too, made by otters, and even without the actual encounters I sort of felt like I shared the trail with many animals.

Otter tracks on the cliffs – Cobbler Path

Halfway through my walk I noticed a group of eagles circling overhead, at first I thought there were six of them, but one of them turned out to be a big crow, it was just tagging along as they often do. Here’s one of the young eagles:

Juvenile bald eagle – Cobbler Path

Atop Redcliff Head, ECTA has created a brand new trailbed, offering a safer way around an impressively deep gulch (hidden from view in this shot):

A new trailbed – Redcliff Head

I’m sure anyone with a fear of heights will appreciate this new option!