Capelin Calendar

Capelin are small fish that come to our beaches every year to spawn; it can be difficult to accurately predict their arrival which is why I’ve created this Capelin Calendar: a place to check if the capelin have arrived in Middle Cove.

Sharing information

During the season many people visit Middle Cove beach to check if the capelin are rolling or not. If you have fresh capelin information, please share it here, it’s as easy as leaving a response below.

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Spawning dates

  • 2005: July 5 – July 8
  • 2006: July 4 – July 10
  • 2007: June 30 – July 7
  • 2008: July 4 – July 8
  • 2009: July 27 – July 30
  • 2010: Offshore spawning
  • 2011: June 26 – July 7
  • 2012: June 22 – June 26
  • 2013: July 6 – July 8
  • 2014: June 23 – July 20
  • 2015: see comments
Are the Capelin rolling?

Capelin data

The 2005-2008 dates used here come from a flickr search, the 2009-2013 dates are based on personal observation. From 2014 on, the information is based on comments made right here on this page.

Capelin in the East Coast Trail Guide

Because capelin are so important to Newfoundland’s coastal wildlife (like puffins and whales), they feature prominently in the East Coast Trail Guide, a digital book I created for the iPad:


954 Responses to Capelin Calendar

  1. andreaee2 says:

    Just finished a family reunion photo session at Middle Cove Beach and there’s not a capelin to be seen. There’s no whales playing around either, so I think we’ll be waiting a while longer .

  2. Brenda says:

    CBC Newfoundland posted a pic on Facebook of capelin on the beach in Branch, St Mary’s

  3. Deborah says:

    I am from Vancouver, BC – so excited to see this! But we’re leaving for a few days to St Pierre and Miquelon and I’m scared I’ll miss it! Does anyone know if they roll over there?

  4. Dar says:

    Any Caplin at topsail beach yet

  5. tam says:

    Any sign yet

  6. ilhan says:

    good morning, I got an email as follows ‘capelin rolled on the beachs in blanc sablon qc the night before yesterday at 11;45 pm, lots of them`
    but still no rolling fish for Middle&Outer Cove
    can anybody update for middle cove right now?

  7. jeremy says:

    nothing at middle cove as of yet

  8. Any Caplin rolling in the Bay of Island or Gros Morne area?

  9. Mary says:

    Any sign of Caplin in middle cove today

  10. newfoundsander says:

    While we’re all waiting for the capelin to arrive, maybe some of you would like to play along with the East Coast Trail Quiz I just put online?

  11. patrick says:

    Any reports from Southern Shore and St. Mary’s bay area besides report from Branch?

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