Capelin are small fish that come to our beaches every year to spawn, their arrival is a spectacle that draws in thousands of birds and whales, but the exact date of the event is difficult to predict.

The Capelin Calendar is a place to discuss and share capelin sightings from all around Newfoundland.

Sharing information

At the start of summer, many people visit capelin-hotspots like Middle Cove beach to see if the capelin are rolling or not. If you have any capelin news, please share it here, it’s as easy as leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

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Capelin activity through the years

To see what capelin activity was like in previous years, you can browse back through years of comments or watch the years roll by in this abridged version of the Capelin Calendar:

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About this capelin data

From 2005 to 2008, the dates shown above were deduced from a flickr search. From 2009 onwards, the dates are based upon personal observations and crowd-sourced capelin sightings reported on the Capelin Calendar and on various social media.

Capelin in the East Coast Trail Guide

Because capelin are so important to Newfoundland’s coastal wildlife, they feature prominently in the East Coast Trail Guide, a digital photo book and trail guide now available on iBooks: