Capelin Calendar

Capelin are small fish that come to our beaches every year to spawn; it can be difficult to accurately predict their arrival which is why I’ve created this Capelin Calendar: a place to check if the capelin have arrived in Middle Cove.

Sharing information

During the season I will visit Middle Cove beach regularly to check out the situation, but undoubtedly many people will see the capelin roll before I do. If you have fresh capelin information, please share it here, it’s as easy as leaving a response below.

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Spawning dates

  • 2005: July 5 – July 8
  • 2006: July 4 – July 10
  • 2007: June 30 – July 7
  • 2008: July 4 – July 8
  • 2009: July 27 – July 30
  • 2010: Offshore spawning
  • 2011: June 26 – July 7
  • 2012: June 22 – June 26
  • 2013: July 6 – July 8
  • 2014: June 23 – July 20
Are the Capelin rolling?

Capelin data

The 2005-2008 dates used here come from a flickr search, the 2009-2013 dates are based on personal observation. From 2014 on, the information is based on comments made right here on this page. Read more about capelin on this blog.

757 Responses to Capelin Calendar

  1. Mike says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows if caplin are rolling today, i would love to take my 3 year old to get some.

  2. cher says:

    caplin were rolling at middle cove Tuesday night June 24. Anyone know if they are rolling in holyrood?

  3. Karen says:

    Are the Caplin still in middle cove?

  4. Erin says:

    Capelin were still rolling as of last night in Outer Cove. Could wave out in the water and pick them up by hand.

  5. How far north are the capelin?

  6. Ina says:

    Capelin rolled in Dunfield last night. The whales played there all day.

  7. jordan says:

    Anyone know if the caplin are going to be in tickle in around botwood area?

  8. joey says:

    capelin seen in ferryland today. near the archaeological dig in the afternoon

  9. eric says:

    Can anybody tell me if capelin are rolling any where around Burin peninsula.

  10. newfoundsander says:

    I wish I could have been there to see all the capelin arrive this year, but alas, I was already halfway across the country by then, in the Rocky Mountains. I hope everybody that wanted to see capelin roll got a chance to see it happen, it’s something special and it doesn’t happen everywhere.

    I have arrived on Vancouver Island and the beaches here could use some capelin, although I’m not sure if the local sunbathers would agree with me.

    If anybody still wants to see capelin, I understand there are a ton of them still in the bay in Mobile, easily seen from the dock and from the boat. My friend Jeannine even goes snorkelling with them, quite an experience I’m sure!

  11. trevor says:

    Does anyone know when the caplin are going to roll on the south coast of labrador?

  12. Lori Butler says:

    capelin rolled July 7, 2014 in middle cove just before dusk, it was low tied

  13. Lori Butler says:

    Does anyone know where capelin roll except middle cove? Somewhere in the conception bay south or central?

    • newfoundsander says:

      Hi Lori, thanks for sharing your capelin information, I appreciate it!
      For places on Conception Bay, have you tried Holyrood?
      Topsail beach is another place capelin are known to roll.

  14. Donna Tillson says:

    Capelin rolling in middle cove last night. Whales feeding most of afternoon and still there, close(ish) to shore when we left at 9pm.

    • newfoundsander says:

      Thanks Donna, it seems I’m missing out on a great year, capelin rolling throughout the month with whales close by… Must be spectacular!

  15. elizabeth says:

    where can one find the place that will ship caplin

    • newfoundsander says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Bidgoods sells them in the summer when they’ve rolled and afterwards until they run out. Don’t know if they ship them though…


  16. Al V. says:

    I live in Ontario and can’t get to NFLD until July 1-3 where will the capelin be rolling in then? Would be nice to see some whales too.

    • newfoundsander says:

      You’ll likely be able to find whales by that time, if not from land then from a boat tour. Puffins are guaranteed by that time.

      Capelin are another story, they are impossible to predict this far ahead. You should check back here in the weeks leading up to your visit to see what’s going on.

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