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Long Shore Path, Piccos Ridge PathWhite Horse Path, Cripple Cove Path, Biscan Cove Path, Stiles Cove Path, Father Troy’s Trail, Silver Mine Head Path, Cobbler Path, Sugarloaf Path, Deadmans Bay Path, Blackhead Path, Cape Spear Path, Motion Path, Spout Path, Mickeleens Path, Beaches Path, Tinkers Point Path, La Manche Village Path, Flamber Head Path, Brigus Head Path, Cape Broyle Head Path, Caplin Bay Path, Sounding Hills Path, Mudder Wet Path, Spurwink island Path, Bear Cove Point Path and Island Meadow Path.

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Along my hikes I see a ton of wildlife, such as whales, seabirds, capelinseals, moose, and more. Of course, iceberg watching and berry picking are an important part of the hiking experience too.

When I’m not out on the East Coast Trail I’m out for a stroll on one of the Grand Concourse trails, or exploring the local towns and harbours to see what I can find there, or maybe I’m even on the water enjoying a boat trip in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve.

I also love to go sightseeing around the island, sometimes on a day-trip to Cape St. Mary’s, sometimes to more distant locations on long weekends or even on vacation.

Stories from all my vacations in Newfoundland are here: Summer of 2009, Fall of 2009Spring of 2010Summer of 2010Spring of 2011Summer of 2012Fall of 2012Fall of 2013Spring of 2017Fall of 2018, and Summer of 2019.

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