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The East Coast Trail Guide is a digital trail guide and photo book filled with information about Newfoundland’s amazing East Coast Trail.

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Don’t have Apple Books? There’s lots of trail information on this blog too. Below you’ll find a basic map, a quick trail description, and trail stories and photos from hikes in every season:

Basic map:

Trail description:

The trail to Cripple Cove runs from Cape St. Francis to Cripple Cove.
Check the map for the following details:

  • The trail is 3.5 km in length, excluding access to its trailheads.
  • The north trailhead is near the Cape St. Francis lighthouse.
  • Route 20 from Pouch Cove to Biscan Cove (Biscayan Cove) is a dirt road that can get pretty bad depending on the season.

The trail to Cripple Cove is just a small part of a much longer trail called White Horse Path, which runs from Bauline to Cape St. Francis. For less experienced hikers, the section referred to as ‘Cripple Cove Path’ is primarily a fun and adventurous extension of a hike on Biscan Cove Path.

The trail to Cripple Cove is only 3.5 km (one-way), but since both ends of the trail are hard to reach an actual hike on this trail will be a lot longer. The north trailhead is at the very end of Route 20 near Cape St. Francis (a ~4.5 km walk from Pouch Cove), and Cripple Cove itself is located on the coast in the middle of nowhere. You could also use the old trailhead which is marked on the map, but that option will skip half the path and you’ll miss some excellent views.

Personally I recommend starting your hike from the Cape St. Francis side, you may even be able to drive your car all the way up to the trailhead when Route 20 road-conditions allow it.

After reaching Cripple Cove, you can walk back east over one of several trails, or continue south all the way down to Bauline. White Horse Path is a lot more difficult than the trail to Cripple Cove itself, and though it is now signed you may still have to use some trail-finding skills from time to time. Remember to start early and bring more than enough water.

Scenic spots on the trail to Cripple Cove:

  • Cripple Cove is picturesque, isolated, and offers an amazing view of Conception Bay.
  • Back Cove is stunning every time I see it.
  • Cape St. Francis is the northernmost tip of the East Coast Trail.
  • Exciting opportunity to walk the brand new White Horse Path.

Berry picking:

Berries you can find on the trail to Cripple Cove include creeping snowberries, blueberries, partridgeberries, crackerberries, cranberries and bakeapples.

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