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Life in Newfoundland

Aquaman on the East Coast Trail

In the trailer for the upcoming Aquaman movie, I noticed a scenic location I’m intimately familiar with: Newfoundland’s very own East Coast Trail!

Specifically, the towering cliffs halfway between Torbay and Flatrock are where young Aquaman gets his first swimming lessons, diving down from dizzying heights into the waters of Whale Cove…

Cliffs of the East Coast Trail – Newfoundland

“This is the exact spot where Vulko gave me my first swimming lessons.”

The trailer flashes past these beautiful cliffs in a matter of seconds, but we may get a better look when the movie comes out next month.

Until that time, if you want to visit the site of these cliffside superhero antics yourself, you’ll find it on Father Troy’s Trail. Whale Cove is #7 on my shortlist of easy hikes on the East Coast Trail near St. John’s. 🙂

Fall magic at Cuckolds Cove

When rain, drizzle, fog and sunshine come together, be sure to have your camera ready. 🙂

The bright fall colours helped too of course! This shot is from 2 weeks ago when I was enjoying my fall visit to Newfoundland; I had a great time exploring my favourite old haunts, and quite a number of new ones…

Fall vacation 2018

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. It would be terrible if we just skipped from September to November, wouldn’t it?

That’s not just Anne talking, I’m a big fan of Octobers too. It’s the most colourful time of the year and a great month for hiking, so guess what: I’m coming over for a visit!

This morning I’m on the ferry from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia, then tonight I’m taking the ferry from North Sydney to Port aux Basques.

See you soon, Newfoundland! 🙂

A hike to the Bay Bulls lighthouse

The lighthouse on the East Coast Trail near Bay Bulls is called the Bull Head Light, and it is a fine destination for a hike before or after the workday.

Yes, it is located on Spout Path, a difficult trail, but the section from the trailhead to the lighthouse is the easy part of this trail, so the return hike of about 7 km shouldn’t present too much of a challenge.

Here are some pictures from a foggy fall hike to the lighthouse in September 2012:

Cliffs of Useless Bay – East Coast Trail, Spout Path

Fall colours and fog – East Coast Trail, Spout Path

Bull Head Light – East Coast Trail, Spout Path

Just beyond the lighthouse there’s a beautiful viewpoint at Dungeon Cove, for a sense of scale just look at O’Brien’s tour boat out on the water:

View from Dungeon Cove – East Coast Trail, Spout Path

On the way back, the fog had swallowed much of the trail, and it was a sight to behold:

Fog on the hills – East Coast Trail, Spout Path

Fog on Useless Bay – East Coast Trail, Spout Path

Into the fog – East Coast Trail, Spout Path

I just love all the different kinds of light and weather you can encounter while hiking in Newfoundland, and this hike was no exception! 🙂

September on the trail

Labour Day has come and gone, and whichever way you look at it, fall is on its way. Before we get there though, we still have a few weeks of September ahead of us, and September is a great time to go for a hike!

If you have one of those friends who for some reason needs convincing to join you on a hike, look no further than these stories here, all featuring beautiful September hiking on the East Coast Trail:

Ripple marks on the East Coast Trail

Anyone who has explored the cliffs below the East Coast Trail should be familiar with this cool geological feature: ripple marks.

Ripple marks – East Coast Trail, Spout Path

Ripple marks – East Coast Trail, Motion Path

Ripple marks – Outer Cove beach

I’ve seen these marks along most trails, as there’s nearly always a section close to the cliffs where you can see them. In many locations it’s easy to step down from a viewpoint to inspect the various geological features up close, there’s some real field-trip quality material in some of these places!

Ripple marks – Great Island, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Ripple marks – Great Island, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

These last 2 examples are from a sea cave in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, the ripples there are actually on the ceiling of the cave and covered in beautifully coloured algae. 🙂

Learn more about ripple marks on wikipedia.

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