Hiking the
East Coast Trail

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The East Coast Trail is a beautiful hiking trail located on the eastern edge of Newfoundland, Canada.

With scenery fit for a National Park, spectacular iceberg watching, world-class whale watching, and easy access from many small communities along the way, the East Coast Trail is a wilderness experience not just for adventurers and backpackers, but for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

Because it consists of many linked but individual trails, the East Coast Trail is well-suited for any kind of outing, whether it’s an easy sunset stroll on a nearby beach or an epic trek that spans the entire 317 km distance between Portugal Cove and Cappahayden.

Basic maps on this blog

Through the links above, this blog provides basic maps and simple trail descriptions for the 128 km stretch of East Coast Trail between Cape St. Francis and Bay Bulls.

These basic maps show:

  • where trailheads and designated parking areas are
  • the East Coast Trail marked in red, and access trails in blue
  • markers for scenic highlights and points of interest along the way

For maps and descriptions that go all the way down to Cappahayden:

Detailed maps in the East Coast Trail Guide

If you’re looking for more detailed trail descriptions, illustrated trail maps, and stunning photos taken along the entire East Coast Trail from Cape St. Francis to Cappahayden, please have a look at the East Coast Trail Guide, which is available on Apple Books:

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Paper maps from ECTA

ECTA‘s online Trail Shop sells the official paper trail maps along with an assortment of other trail-branded products.

ECTA’s website also offers a convenient list of all the developed East Coast Trail paths, and a directory of various hiker services along the way.

Watch your step

Whether you’re hiking, climbing, swimming or even just taking a picture at a viewpoint, always be careful and use common sense.

Before setting out on any East Coast Trail adventure, make the proper preparations, and be sure to tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to be back.