This morning Marije and I played a little guessing game about how much icebergs we would see on the way to work. She guessed 0, I guessed 1, we saw 2!

One small iceberg was close to the cliffs on Father Troy’s Trail, halfway between Torbay and Flatrock. The other was a small pointy iceberg on the open ocean near the Ocean Sciences Centre in Logy Bay.

Since I don’t have a boat, I checked out the iceberg on the coast, which turned out to be in Whale Cove. The weather was wild with strong wind and snow, it was pretty cold. Here are two pictures:

Whale Cove iceberg – Father Troy’s Trail

Iceberg water slide – Father Troy’s Trail

For an iceberg to shine (photographically speaking) you really need some kind of sunlight, but these wild weather shots are pretty good too I think. 🙂

If you want to go see this iceberg too, Whale Cove is at the end of easy walk #7 on my Easy hikes on the East Coast Trail page.

And one last thing: that small and pointy Logy Bay iceberg is probably well on its way to St. John’s by now, I’m betting you can see it from Signal Hill already, or really soon!