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The East Coast Trail Guide is a digital trail guide and photo book filled with information about Newfoundland’s amazing East Coast Trail, including Father Troy’s Trail.

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Don’t have Apple Books? There’s lots of trail information on this blog too. Below you’ll find a basic map, a quick trail description, and trail stories and photos from hikes in every season:

Basic map:

Trail description:

Father Troy’s Trail runs from Flatrock to Torbay.
Check the map for the following details:

  • The trail is 8.5 km in length.
  • The north trailhead is at the end of Wade’s Lane in Flatrock.
  • The south trailhead is at the end of Spray Lane in Torbay.
  • Check the map for designated parking areas.

This beautiful trail starts out at the base of the Beamer, a barren slab of rock that juts out into the Atlantic. Walking on the Beamer you’ll find the scenery is not as barren as it seemed from a distance; yes it’s austere, but quite beautiful in its simplicity. At the ‘top’ of the Beamer you’ll enjoy a great view of the waves coming in, which on a blustery day can easily reach 6 metres in height.

After this ‘Beamer Lookout’ the trail veers south following the high cliffs to Church Cove where a sizeable colony of kittiwakes can be found. For the best views of Church Cove take a left turn onto the Church Cove Loop but be careful, this trail passes through a steep field of fallen rocks where a set of stepping stones has been cleverly placed to accommodate only the most confident hikers. After Church Cove comes Whale Cove, a great spot to see the whales in summer as they gather in the bay below.

Once you’re done watching the whales you can rejoin the old trail to Torbay, formerly known as Gallows Cove Trail, which runs along farmer’s fields and eventually brings you all the way to Torbay Beach, before ending at Spray Lane.

Trail flyer:

Do you offer accommodation in this area? Here’s a trail flyer you can use to promote the trail. Flyers about other parts of the East Coast Trail can be found on the trail flyers page.

Scenic spots on Father Troy’s Trail:

  • The Beamer in Flatrock is barren but beautiful, offering a number of vertical rock faces to enthusiastic climbers.
  • The Church Cove Loop is an exciting addition to this trail.
  • The view from Whale Cove is spectacular in summer, if you dare to peek over the edge.

Berry picking:

Berries you can find on Father Troy’s Trail include cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, partridgeberries, crackerberries, creeping snowberries, blackberries and chuckley pears.

Featured stories on Father Troy’s Trail:

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