The icebergs in Quidi Vidi continue to draw a crowd, which made me kind of hesitant to go there today, I’d much prefer to watch these jewels of the ocean all by myself. Anyway, the weather was so nice, I went anyway.

Just as I walked into this great view, the iceberg started making noises. First it made a series of loud cracks, then it sounded like a giant window shattering, before breaking into 2 pieces and immediately rolling over, making waves:

The iceberg that went Crack! – Sugarloaf Path, Quidi Vidi

Notice the iceberg in the background? That’s the one the ice climbers explored two days ago. It’s a bit harder to ascend today, as some of the base has fallen off.

Same iceberg, different angle – Sugarloaf Path, Quidi Vidi

Iceberg closeup – Sugarloaf Path, Quidi Vidi

A couple of kayakers were the iceberg explorers in today’s scenery:

Say cheese – Sugarloaf Path, Quidi Vidi

One of them popped out of his kayak and got on the iceberg for a minute, then jumped off, twice. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Kayaker on the iceberg – Quidi Vidi