When I saw the sunny forecast for today I was immediately suspicious of an April fools joke, but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be true. Making full use of the opportunity, I hiked Biscan Cove Path from Pouch Cove to Cape St. Francis, hoping to spot one of the early icebergs mentioned on the current ice charts.

This way to Cape St. Francis – Biscan Cove Path

Clear blue sky overhead – Biscan Cove Path

Turns out I found ice all along the hike, but only on the trail and ponds, not out on the ocean.

Waterfall icicles along the trail – Biscan Cove Path

In early spring most of the trail remains covered in ice and snow long after it has melted elsewhere, due to all the shade in the forest:

Snow covers the forest trails – Biscan Cove Path

Of course the snow also stays on the ground at higher altitudes, where it is much colder:

Pouch Cove hills – as seen from Biscan Cove Path

Here’s White Point, a great spot to have lunch and watch for eagles:

To White Point – Biscan Cove Path

White Point – Biscan Cove Path

Hills of Biscan Cove – Biscan Cove Path

When I arrived at Biscan Cove, a cougar helicopter was making the rounds doing exercises, I assume. Here you can see it as it passed close by, with the Biscan Islands in the background:

Cougar helicopter near Biscan Islands – Biscan Cove Path

Looking down into Biscan Cove:

Waves in the cove – Biscan Cove Path

After reaching the Cape, I returned to Pouch Cove over the main road:

Gravel road in Biscan Cove – Cape St. Francis

This road has seen big improvements since last year, but some sections are still difficult for two-wheel drive vehicles.