Well, we finally got some real snow! 🙂

Of course it’s snowed before on a few occasions but never more than a single inch, yesterday it snowed all day and night so now we have plenty.

I went for an early morning walk to enjoy the pristine snow cover on Cobbler Path. On the way to the trailhead I saw lots of people clearing their driveway, can’t have any of that white stuff near the house now can we. Some folks were using a machine that blew the snow from one side of their driveway to the other, or worse yet: onto the road I was driving…

Anyway, on the trail everything was quiet:

20 cm of snow on the trail – Cobbler Path

The easy part of the trail (through the forest) had about 20 cm everywhere and it was hard to see where the trail ended and the forest started. Big deal, you may think, but a long stretch of this trail has an elevated boardwalk through a boggy marsh. Luckily I brought a trekking pole so I could poke through the snow to find out where to step next.

Out of the forest, onto the headland – Cobbler Path

Out on the open headland things got tougher though. Strong wind had driven up snow to over a metre deep, it must have taken me at least half an hour to get through 200 m of waist-deep snow. At Torbay Point, my effort was rewarded with a beautiful yet understated sunrise:

Winter sunrise at Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

Not so rewarding was the fact that my camera controls soon froze up again, so I had to use my little weatherproof backup camera for most of the shots.

Here’s some more shots from this morning:

Snowy Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

Here’s a fun shot taken from a 60 cm deep footprint in the snow:

Footprint selfie – Cobbler Path

I think I’m going to buy some snowshoes one of these days, they might get me where I’m going a lot quicker and easier, walking through snow like this is hard work:

My tracks in the snow – Cobbler Path

On the way back I took this one last shot, in the background you can see the hills of Torbay:

Snowy forest – Cobbler Path