Today was the 4th day in a string of foggy days on the east coast. Personally I don’t mind the fog, I think it’s quite atmospheric and it offers great lighting conditions for the spring blossoms that are appearing all along the trail right now:

Spring blossoms – Cobbler Path

What this dense fog is not so good for is whale watching, but thankfully whale listening can be nearly as much fun!

Today I hiked Cobbler Path totally enveloped by a fog that didn’t allow me a single glimpse of the ocean, but I could still hear the waves crashing on the cliffs below me. Peering into the fog I suddenly heard a big spout nearby, it was a humpback whale that came up for air again and again. Hearing and not seeing a whale from this close brought a very broad grin to my face. Actually, I’m still grinning as I’m typing this.

Can’t see the sea – Cobbler Path

Can you see the whale?

Neither can I. 🙂