October 5 2011 was a day filled with RDF, until about an hour before sunset when the sun broke through in spectacular fashion, prompting me to jump into the car and drive to Torbay Point.

The light I found there was nothing short of amazing: as the sun was setting the sky was filled with subtle yellows and blues, later joined by deep pinks and violets. Two extra elements made the whole show appear almost magical: the vapourous fog that flowed hastily around me and the crescent moon that poked through the clouds from time to time.

Here’s a few shots to show you what I’m talking about:

As I arrived on the scene – Cobbler Path

Fog falls off Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

After sunset, pinks arrive – Cobbler Path

Magic Moon over the East Coast Trail – Cobbler Path

After sunset things got dark pretty quick so I made my way back to Dorans Lane where I had parked my car. On the way back my lens fogged over, providing a strange sort of optical special effects filter:

Blurred fall colours – Cobbler Path