The Newfoundland whale season is very reliable, more so than for example the iceberg season, which varies quite a bit every year.

Whale sightings are pretty much a guarantee when you come here at the right time. Since last week whales have been showing up all over the east coast, often offering just a glimpse of their back, sometimes a little more.

This morning Marije was very excited to see her first humpback of the season, we were driving along Marine Drive when she spotted it just off Torbay Point. After dropping her off at work I hiked out to the point and sat down for a while. Three whales were diving down again and again, showing their tails. They remained in roughly the same spot for as long as I was there, but after half an hour I was done with them because the blackflies were getting too annoying.

Right now these are what I call ‘Binocular Whales’, meaning you have to bring binoculars to see them. Don’t have binoculars? Don’t worry, a month from now they’ll get so close to the cliffs you’ll be able to count the barnacles on their tail fins.