These last few days were the final days of the summer of 2012, and what a great summer it was. Whales may not have been as numerous as in the years before, but the spectacular weather made up for all of that; I think I saw more sunshine this summer than in the 3 preceding summers combined!

These last few days were also the final days of my sister’s visit to Newfoundland, she had a great time. Here are a few pictures:

Summer days, fall colours – Cape Spear Path

We hiked many trails and enjoyed them all, we found berries, mushrooms and occasionally we saw some wildlife.

Majorie & Mom – Cape St. Francis

After a supper of fish & chips we saw the sun setting behind the oil platform on Conception Bay:

Sunset – Henry Goodrich, St. Philip’s

On Thursday we hiked out to the Bull Head Light on Spout Path, we experienced many different kinds of weather that day:

Enjoying a hike – Spout Path

This last shot was taken today, Majorie’s last day in Newfoundland:

Hooray for blue skies – Stiles Cove Path

My mom is here for another week, so let’s hope the first days of fall are as nice as the last days of summer.