A week without news from me, it’s rare I know. So, what have I been up to?

Watching whales and getting a sunburn, mostly. Summer has landed in Newfoundland and it’s drawing me outside every day of the week. There’s lots of sunshine, even more wildlife and the trails are in great shape.

A summer's day on the East Coast Trail - Mickeleens Path

A summer’s day on the East Coast Trail – Mickeleens Path

Whales are the most common wildlife sighting from the trail right now, the ocean is absolutely maggoty with them. On my whales page I state that “it’s practically impossible to miss them”, and it’s true. Just a casual glimpse of the water will yield you a whale sighting within minutes, if not seconds. Yesterday I caught myself making a mental note of the animals I had seen that morning and forgetting about the whales, I guess by now they’re just a part of the summer landscape for me.

This afternoon I was out on Torbay Point when a Humpback popped up right in front of me, such a nice surprise:

Humpback at Torbay Point - Cobbler Path

Humpback at Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

This is one of our ‘local’ Tor Bay Humpbacks, if you’re on Torbay Point long enough it will swim right by you sooner or later, it’s an amazing spot for whale watching.