Last week’s rain has washed away much of the snow around town, but on the trail it’s a different story. What used to be soft and deep snow has been compacted into a hard and bumpy layer of ice covering every inch of the forest trail. This slipperiness wasn’t a good enough reason to stay at home though, I was on a salvage mission!

You see, when I got home from Cobbler Path last Thursday I made an unexpected discovery: in the foreground of one of my photos I saw my ear warmers lying on the ground. Must have blown right out of my jacket pocket… I love that thing, to me cold ears are a one-way trip to catching a cold.

So, today I carefully retraced my steps and surprise of surprises, I got lucky! I found it frozen and covered in snow, right where I left it:

Lost, and found – Cobbler Path

After the joyful reunion I decided to continue the hike for a while, there wasn’t all that much to see but in winter time it’s a good idea to get some exercise whenever the weather allows it.

At Cobbler Brook there were a few pretty ice formations:

Ice at the brook – Cobbler Path

The thin dusting of snow made the little spruces look like this:

A dusting of snow – Cobbler Path

Like I said before, the trails in the forest were very slippery, but out in the open everything was fine:

Winter trail – Cobbler Path

It does look a little miserable doesn’t it? Even so, it was still a nice hike.

Grey winter weather – Cobbler Path