One of the reasons the East Coast Trail is so amazing is that it manages to combine a fantastic outdoor experience with countless community access points.

This means you can park your car in any community along the trail and start exploring the coast from the nearest trailhead.

So yes, communities play a crucial part in the appeal of the trail, but I sometimes wish they were a little less ambitious with their residential development plans.

Take for example Red Cliff in Logy Bay, the East Coast Trail runs right along its edge:

Logy Bay’s Red Cliff in 2010

That red line is the trail: drawn from the north it first passes the abandoned radar station, then it’s flanked by forest and cliffs all the way to the end point, where the trail stops at a private property line. There’s a fantastic view of Logy Bay there, I recommend you check it out while you still can.

Today, a brand new residential development is underway, and it looks like you’d almost be walking through someone’s backyard:

Logy Bay’s Red Cliff in 2015, including the brand new Ivy’s Way

Let’s hope the future home owners in this new neighbourhood will use and love the trail that’s now on their doorstep, and let’s hope they’ll let others continue to use it as well.