This past weekend was gorgeous, and I’m not just talking about the weather.

I spent both days watching whales feed off Ship Cove Point and Torbay Point, and they put on a great show. The humpbacks in particular were very active at both locations, breaching and lunge feeding, in fact they were so entertaining that quite a flock of onlookers amassed on the viewpoints every time the show started.

Whale tail at Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

On Saturday there were some kayakers on the water, when I arrived I set up my camera on the cliff’s edge and a kayaker yelled from down below if I had taken his picture while a whale swam right underneath his kayak. I replied I hadn’t even seen it but I wouldn’t mind taking his picture if he would just do it again. The kayaker peddled away muttering something unintelligible.

Humpback whale at Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

On the trail when I’m taking pictures of humpbacks, or even on a boat tour for that matter, I often hear people being surprised or even upset by the big green things right next to the whale:

Humpback whale at Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

No it’s not a baby, nor is the whale caught up in some sort of fishing gear (actual guesses from the trail), those things are its pectoral fins and they are white on top, they just look green because they’re underwater. They actually provide whale watchers with a good way to spot the whales before they surface.

Front row seat – Cobbler Path

These fishermen had their own private show, in the right place at the right time! I wish I could have been out there with them…

If the weather improves tonight, I’ll be enjoying the next show with Marije while we are having a picnic with a view.