Being asked to name one favourite spot on the East Coast Trail is like being asked to name one favourite movie. I’ve seen so many great movies and hiked so many great trails, it’s not easy to give just one answer.

Because I’ve hiked the entire East Coast Trail many times over, I know it like the back of my hand and I have many favourite spots, a favourite spot on every individual trail even.

Still, when I’m asked this question, I go with Torbay Point, one of my favourite spots:

Beautiful Torbay Point, located on Cobbler Path – East Coast Trail

You can see why I like it right? A wide-open headland in an ocean of fog…

When it’s not foggy, Torbay Point is beautiful too, a headland in a regular ocean, with spectacular views all around. In spring you can marvel at the sea ice and icebergs floating by, summer brings whales close to the cliffs, and at any time of year this headland is just a magnificent place to see the sunrise and sunset, and even the stars at night.

For me specifically, Torbay Point is a favourite place because it’s close to where we lived. Precisely halfway between where we lived and where Marije worked in fact, so it was always easy for me to stop at the trailhead and walk out to the ocean to see what was going on that day.

If you want to go there and have a look for yourself, please do, the walk from the Outer Cove trailhead to Torbay Point is not that long: it’s #5 on my list of Easy hikes on the East Coast Trail.

Now tell me, what’s one of your favourite places on the East Coast Trail?