Marije’s parents’ vacation has come to an end after a little over 3 weeks; we’ve logged more than 4000 km across the island and seen plenty of just about everything they came here for to see.

Our last week was spent almost entirely within walking distance of St. John’s and Torbay, here are some pictures that show what the week was like:

Marianne and Edwin – Stiles Cove Path

We hiked to the waterfall in Spout Cove along Stiles Cove Path, we saw many whales feeding just off the coast, minkes, humpbacks and finbacks, even a few dolphins.

Watching the finbacks feed – Small Point

Here you see some finbacks, also called fin whales, feeding close to our chosen lunch break spot at Small Point. Finbacks are huge, second only in size to blue whales.

Falling over – Downtown St. John’s

Walking the concrete sidewalks of St. John’s was much harder than hiking all those miles on the soft forest trails along the coast, but it was a nice change of scenery for us.

Family Booman – Motion, Silver Mine Head Path

On Regatta Day, Marije was able to join us in our whale watching efforts. Here she is with her mom and dad in Torbay, on a small patch of coastal headlands appropriately called ‘Motion’.

Exit – Torbay Point, Cobbler Path

This last photo was taken today, and it was an excellent last day. We saw lots of humpbacks and puffins from up close and the fog drifting over us at Torbay Point brought us cool relief from the warm weather.