I’ve been out on the trail the last few days, walking and relaxing at the viewpoints, hoping to catch glimpses of the whales that are arriving in Newfoundland. Not every one of these outings gets its own front page story, but when I see something worth mentioning I always make a note of it on my recent whale sightings page.

So far I’ve seen whales on every outing, even though sometimes they only appear far away in the distance. It’s mostly humpbacks, minkes, finbacks and a few kinds of dolphins for now, but who knows what will show up later this summer, I’m keeping my eyes open.

Yesterday I was out on Torbay Point with Marije, all the whales we saw were at least 1 km out to sea, the kind of thing you need a decent pair of binoculars for. At those distances I don’t even bother taking pictures unless it’s for identification purposes, so I was glad we did have one very close encounter, albeit of the avian kind:

LBB with insects – Cobbler Path

Here’s the same picture but as a closeup:

(closeup of) LBB with insects – Cobbler Path

It’s nice that at least some of the wildlife is cooperating. 🙂

By the way if there’s a real birder out there who can tell me what kind of bird this is, please do tell me. Some kind of thrush is my guess.