I am still stuck inside and with all this beautiful weather outside I can’t help but feel I’m really missing out.

In all likeliness the 5 icebergs on Sugarloaf Path are still stuck there, easy to reach, begging to be photographed, but not with this leg. I could probably make it if I tried but it would only prolong my recovery time.

So, everybody else: I hope you’re having a great time outside today, shoot some iceberg pictures for me!

From me, here’s a few pictures from the past month, shown in chronological order:

Freezing rain – Father Troy’s Trail

Pine grosbeak – Cobbler Path

Flurries at the Ocean Sciences Centre – Logy Bay

Iceberg information sign – Signal Hill

Juvenile eagles at play – Sugarloaf Path

Me and an iceberg – Cape Spear Path

Looking down on an iceberg – Sugarloaf Path

Sea ice in the fog – Cobbler Path