I’ve been aching for it, and last night we got some: snow!

It’s just a little bit for now and it’ll soon be gone, so this morning I made a long walk though the single inch of white stuff we had. Here are some pictures:

An inch of snow on Red Cliff – Cobbler Path

As you can see in this photo, the snow didn’t last long in the lower lying areas, which is why I drove straight up to Red Cliff after dropping Marije off at work in Logy Bay. Red Cliff on Cobbler Path is easily the highest peak near where we live in Torbay.

South trailhead on Red Cliff – Cobbler Path

It was a true winter wonderland on top of Red Cliff, everything was so white you may even have a hard time finding the trailhead I’m referring to in the caption of this image.

Slippery snowy boardwalk – Cobbler Path

White blueberry bushes and fox tracks – Cobbler Path

On the trail the animal tracks were easily visible and all over the place, I saw moose, fox, bird and hare tracks. All pretty standard creatures around here, but it takes a bit of snow to make the tracks this obvious.

Cape Spear seen from 13 km away – Cobbler Path

On top of Red Cliff, you’re so high up you can even see Cape Spear over Sugarloaf Head!