Today marks the start of a period of relatively short days, in which we have less than 9 hours of sunlight every day.

At the height of summer, Newfoundland enjoys almost 16 hours of sunlight every day, making it ideal for very long walks alone or short walks with Marije after work. These winter days are quite different, today it’s dark before she even gets home.

Shorter days have their advantages too, for example I can go for a sunset shoot before I even pick her up and a night shoot doesn’t have to wait until after midnight. The sunset shot above this story was taken from Torbay Point, on the way to Logy Bay where Marije works.

The commercial holiday season is upon us too. Back in Holland they’re probably having their usual Sinterklaas vs. Santa Claus discussion right about now, and here in Newfoundland they have promptly replaced all the Halloween pumpkins with Christmas decorations, you can even sit on Santa’s lap at the mall!