Today was a fine winter day so I went out to explore a snowy white Red Cliff.

Last night we had a bit of fresh snow and Cobbler Path is usually one of the first and last places you can see snow on the trail. A lack of snow isn’t really a concern at this time of year of course, but still it’s something to keep in mind.

As you can see in the picture above, even the unpaved section of Red Cliff Road was pretty today, this closed-off last kilometre of Red Cliff Road is not a part of the official trail, but you need to hike it in order to reach the Cobbler Path trailhead on Red Cliff.

Red Cliff trailhead 520 m – Cobbler Path

You’ll find this trail sign halfway towards the official Red Cliff trailhead, but instead of going there, today I turned left towards Outer Cove. Just before the trail descends Red Cliff there are a few impressive viewpoints; in summer this spot is great for whale watching but as you can see it’s not too shabby in winter either:

Winter in Logy Bay – Cobbler Path

With plenty more snow on the way this month, I think I’ll come back here a couple of times. The view is pretty spectacular. 🙂