Last night was great: just before sunset I hiked up the quiet headlands of Cobbler Path to enjoy the rise of Jupiter and the star filled night that followed. I was out from 5 PM to 5 AM, hiking under a star filled clear sky with a nearly full moon lighting my way. As I made my way along the trail, I was greeted by a grouse, an eagle and a fox.

In the photo above this story, Jupiter shines brightly above the East Coast Trail, and the full moon glows as it rises from the Atlantic. In the next shot you see me sitting on the cliffs watching the stars, I added some lines to the sky to mark the constellations overhead:

Ursa Major over Red Cliff – Cobbler Path

A truly clear sky is a rarity here in Newfoundland, clouds will eventually stray into view, or worse, fog will engulf you just as you’ve set up your camera for the night.

Star trails over Torbay Point – Cobbler Path

In this photo you can see that even a clear sky at your location you does not equal a clear sky in your line of sight, these hazy clouds for example are all the way over distant Baccalieu Island but still manage to show up in the photo. The lines in the sky are the trails left by the stars as earth rotates underneath them.

After 12 hours of photography and walking all the way back to the car I still had some work to do, as the entire car was covered in a thick coat of frost, serving as a chilling reminder that fall is indeed upon us.