The summer solstice gives us the longest day and shortest night of the year. You can probably imagine that solstice night photography is special because only 2 hours of the night are actually dark, the other 6 hours are reserved for the various stages of dusk and dawn.

During the 2012 solstice I spent an entire night on Torbay Point, capturing stars as they trailed through the clear sky on this shortest night of the year (shown above).

Even during the darkest 2 hours of night I could see the faint glow of twilight on the northern horizon, the sun had dipped out of view in the northwest and was already eager to rise in the northeast.

In typically awesome East Coast Trail fashion, humpback whales stayed with me throughout the night, swimming back and forth around the point, I could hear them exhale when they surfaced. The insects also kept me company, mostly targeting my face as it was their only exposed option. After a while a friendly bat showed up and took care of most of the buzzing things around me. Thanks bat!