A stormy weather forecast made me scrap my plans to visit Bonavista this weekend. However, the forecast was wrong, and today was a calm, cloudy and basically uneventful day.

With not enough time on the clock for a trip to Bonavista, I did my routine check on Middle Cove beach, looked for whales in Tor Bay and eventually hiked Cobbler Path:

The trail – Cobbler Path

Cobbler Brook crossing – Cobbler Path

One of the many plants along this trail is the Indian pipe, and it’s kind of a weird one:

Indian pipe – Cobbler Path

Monotropa uniflora, as this parasitic plant is officially called, has no chlorophyl so it is white, and since it doesn’t need the sun for energy it thrives in the shady spots along the trail. I’ve seen a lot of them along the East Coast Trail but today was the first time I saw one enthusiastically looking up at me, with a rosy flowering face.

I’ve included a comparison shot where you can see the Pipe in its usual form, facing the forest floor:

Flowering Indian pipe – Cobbler Path

Our flora guide calls it the Indian pipe, but online I’ve found a much more fitting name if you ask me: the Ghost Plant