How many hours can you spend on the beach?

I’ve certainly had my fill today, watching the capelin stay away. Of course, like everybody else, I was hoping they would roll while I was there. Also I was hoping to see whales, but I only saw one humpback, and one humpback is almost no whale at all, so that one doesn’t count.

Anyway, here’s a few pictures from today:

Seabirds in a tizzy – Middle Cove

Diving for capelin – Middle Cove

In all the commotion, a duck landed on the beach. Nobody took notice of it so it flapped its wings to get some attention:

A duck on the beach – Middle Cove

Nobody wanted to wait for the capelin to roll, so people ventured into the water to get their fill:

Braving the surf for capelin – Middle Cove

The result:

Capelin in a dip net – Middle Cove

Capelin in a bucket – Middle Cove