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Life in Newfoundland

Author / newfoundsander

Spring ice on the Great Northern Peninsula

Thanks to a very beautiful and busy summer it’s taken me a while to tell you about all the places my mom and I visited on our spring trip to Newfoundland. You’ve already read about our stay in Port aux Basques and Port au Port, after that came our unscheduled but beautiful visit to Gros Morne […]

33% Eclipse over Newfoundland

On Monday August 21st (next week), there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse visible from Newfoundland. This eclipse has been widely covered in the news because a narrow strip of the United States will experience the event as a breathtaking┬áTotal Solar Eclipse. If you’re anywhere outside of the narrow ‘Path of Totality’ on Monday, the […]

Get ready for the 2017 Perseids!

It’s mid-August, and that means the Perseid meteor shower is here again. Over the next few days the Earth will move through a cloudy trail of space dust left in our solar system ages ago, and when we hit this space dust it’ll show up as ‘shooting stars’ in our night skies. Every year I […]

Gros Morne in spring snow

It may seem a bit strange sharing pictures of white landscapes in the middle of summer, but these snowy shots were taken only 2.5 months ago during my spring visit to Newfoundland! ­čÖé After our great stay on the Port au Port Peninsula my mom and I had planned to go to La Scie next, but a freak […]

Capelin beaches on the East Coast Trail

We’re right in the middle of summer and the capelin are still rolling, a unique and awe-inspiring show of nature, if you know where to look (tip: check the Capelin Calendar). While capelin are known to return and roll on certain beaches every year, they don’t roll everywhere, as not every beach is suitable for […]

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