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Life in Newfoundland

Author / newfoundsander

Colours on the forest floor

Crackerberries are some of my favourite plants on the East Coast Trail,¬†they cover large parts of the forest floor and manage to do so in style. In spring time, crackerberries cheer up the forest with lovely white blossoms lined up along all the the woodland lanes. In summer when it’s warm outside, crackerberry plants provide […]

Queens River Falls on Spout Path

There are many beautiful waterfalls on the East Coast Trail, from big wide roaring ones that burst forth from the cliffs, to thin ribbon falls that gently drop into the ocean from a great height. While falling water is usually mesmerizing enough all on its own, Queens River Falls on Spout Path sports something extra: […]

Colourful barrens of Cape Spear Path

When fall arrives on the East Coast Trail¬†the coastal barrens are where you’ll see the most colourful displays. In late September, bright green ferns will turn yellow, then orange and brown. Later on, in October, blueberry and chokeberry bushes will turn the headlands into a beautiful artwork of vibrant reds, an artwork you can walk […]

A sound in the forest

Five years ago while I was on a beautiful hike on the East Coast Trail, I heard a suspicious sound coming from the forest. I stopped dead in my tracks and tried to find the source. From deep within the bushes, a big brown snout appeared, it sniffed a branch and proceeded to nibble on it. It was a […]

Spring ice on the Great Northern Peninsula

Thanks to a very beautiful and busy summer it’s taken me a while to tell you about all the places my mom and I visited on our spring trip to Newfoundland. You’ve already read about our stay in Port aux Basques and Port au Port, after that came our unscheduled but beautiful visit to Gros Morne […]

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