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Life in Newfoundland

Author / newfoundsander

Newfoundland sea ice, late April 2017

Today was one of those rare clear days with blue skies everywhere, a good day for a hike and a brilliant day for satellite images: This image shows that sea ice is still present from St. Anthony down to Bonavista, but the sea ice on the Avalon is now almost gone. You can also see most of the island is […]

2017 Lyrids over Newfoundland

Foggy and cloudy weather will likely prevent anyone on the Avalon from seeing this year’s Lyrid meteor shower’s peak, which is today. However, the Lyrids last an entire week, and I’ve had success several times before just catching the start or tail end of the show, so you may see them yet! Right now the forecast is promising for […]

New iceberg information page

Today I added a new page about icebergs to my blog. On this page, called Icebergs in Newfoundland, anyone interested in icebergs can scroll back through years of iceberg seasons to see when icebergs first appeared on the coast and when the last of them melted. I’ve gathered this information for 3 key areas in Newfoundland, going all the […]

Dawn companion

Sunrise hikers often see animals and animal behaviour that isn’t easily seen during the day. When I still lived in Newfoundland I went out on sunrise hikes all the time, and on many occasions I would run into inquisitive foxes. Curious by nature, these foxes would often come over to check me out, weary at first but soon confident enough to walk […]

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