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Life in Newfoundland

Author / newfoundsander

Spring at the Baboul Rocks

Mickeleens Path is a trail you can easily hike as a loop. Starting from either Bay Bulls or Witless Bay, first explore the beautiful coastal trail with its towering red cliffs and breathtaking viewpoints, then after you reach the end, just take the inland shortcut back to where you started. If you’ve seen Mickeleens Path’s […]

Predicting the 2018 iceberg season

Iceberg seasons are different every year, and that makes them difficult to accurately predict. It is possible however to make an educated guess by studying the official iceberg charts from the Canadian Ice Service, so let’s have a look: The numbers in boxes around the island tell us how many icebergs are present in those […]

Spring hike to Freshwater Bay

On the East Coast Trail, a late March hike can feel like spring one minute and like winter the next. With a bit of sunlight on your skin and shelter from the wind you’ll feel almost warm at times, but watch out for those clouds as it’ll get chilly quick when the sun is taken […]

Tracking the 2018 sea ice #4

Between weather systems, today we got a glimpse of Newfoundland’s sea ice: Even through the clouds, you can see that the sea ice near the Avalon Peninsula has all but vanished…¬†With the exception of some pockets of pack ice in Trinity Bay (near Bellevue beach), there isn’t a whole lot of sea ice south of […]

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