Breaching humpbacks would be the correct term for what we saw today, but ‘Jumping Humpbacks’ has a nicer ring to it, so that’s what I’m going with.

Marije and I didn’t know what to do today, after a few days of Middle Cove beach without capelin we wanted to see something else, so we tossed a few things in the back of the car and took off.

Our unplanned road trip first took us to Colinet where we saw salmon jumping up a waterfall, that was certainly nice but it paled in comparison to what we saw next at St. Vincent’s beach:

Marije and the humpbacks – St. Vincent’s beach

There was a group of humpbacks there, that at times got within 10 m of shore. I kid you not. I had heard of these whales coming this close at St. Vincent’s beach but this is the first time I’ve seen it, and I’m so very glad Marije was with me to share the experience! As we arrived, three of these giants were swimming very close to shore and Marije ran along the beach, trying to keep up with them. It was hard. In the end we chose to sit down and watch the whales swim past us from time to time, but also swimming far away.

After a great show that included at least half a dozen humpbacks, a minke and a curious seal, we had to go home. It’s hard to leave a beach that has whales doing summersaults for you. At the very last moment two of the whales decided to give a parting gift, they jumped up out of the water repeatedly for about 10 minutes, making it easier to get a few shots:

Jumping humpback – St. Vincent’s beach

Jumping humpback – St. Vincent’s beach

It was even harder to leave at that point, but the light was fading quickly and it was still a long way home. As we stepped into the car, a whale gave one final wave goodbye:

Goodbye humpback – St. Vincent’s beach