Are the Capelin rolling?

Yes they are, the 2012 capelin are rolling on Middle Cove beach right now!

I was on the beach earlier today when I saw several large patches of eggs among the beach pebbles, the capelin were quietly swimming in the shallow waters. Blog reader Jimmy commented on my Capelin Calendar that he had seen capelin roll on the far side of the beach, so this afternoon I stopped by Middle Cove again.

There were just a few people there, but there was a broad smile on every last one of them. Here’s a few pictures, let’s hope today’s only the first of many days of capelin fun!

Capelin rolling on the beach – Middle Cove

This girl was the only person in the water catching capelin, and she used a bag to do it:

Catching capelin with a bag – Middle Cove

The gulls and kittiwakes were in a feeding frenzy:

When seabirds go wild – Middle Cove

Here’s a short video clip of capelin rolling on the far end of the beach: