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Life in Newfoundland

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Otter slide in Small Point Cove

It’s always nice to see otters when you’re out on the coast, especially when they’re being playful. Here’s a scene I came upon five years ago when I was hiking the East Coast Trail above Spout Cove, one of the many scenic places on Stiles Cove Path: The otter itself was nowhere to be seen, but it was easy to see […]


When Marije still worked at the Ocean Sciences Centre she would often make long hours and I’d pick her up well after sunset. Driving home along Marine Drive we’d frequently see foxes on the side of the road, especially between nine and ten. One night we saw a fox just taking in the view at the Outer Cove viewpoint, […]

Lion’s mane jellyfish

In waters far colder than ours, lion’s mane jellyfish can reach monstrous sizes. With tentacles trailing more than 30 metres behind their huge bells, these bad boys grow longer than even the longest blue whales… In Newfoundland, the largest specimens I’ve seen are about the size of a large man, not nearly as colossal as the ones up North but still something you […]

Beaches Path hike + boat trip

Beaches Path, as you can see in these pictures, stays close to the beach. It’s a great trail for family hikes, it’s not very long, not very hard, and there are lots of beaches to comb, especially on the Witless Bay side. Three years ago today I enjoyed a beautiful hike on this trail, I explored all the beaches, […]

Underwater capelin

In Newfoundland, there is one simple question that brings people together on the beach, and on the Capelin Calendar, a question that defies time as it echoes through the ages: Are the capelin rolling? After a bit of a wait, the answer is a resounding Yes b’y, yes they are! This weekend many of you saw them roll in places like Torbay, […]

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