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Life in Newfoundland

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2018 Capelin are rolling in Newfoundland

It’s that time of year again: capelin are rolling in Newfoundland! Earlier today, capelin were caught in the act at the beach in Trout River, no doubt delighting visitors to Gros Morne NP just as much as the locals. The happy news was soon shared on the Capelin Calendar and in the coming days and weeks […]

Spring at the Baboul Rocks

Mickeleens Path is a trail you can easily hike as a loop. Starting from either Bay Bulls or Witless Bay, first explore the beautiful coastal trail with its towering red cliffs and breathtaking viewpoints, then after you reach the end, just take the inland shortcut back to where you started. If you’ve seen Mickeleens Path’s […]

Cobbler eagle

Bald eagles are big, powerful, and so plentiful along the East Coast Trail that you’ll likely see a few of them on every hike. I remember one snowy morning at the Cobbler when I saw 5 of them circling overhead. The subadults among the group were more focused on playing than anything else, but one adult was […]

Queens River Falls on Spout Path

There are many beautiful waterfalls on the East Coast Trail, from big wide roaring ones that burst forth from the cliffs, to thin ribbon falls that gently drop into the ocean from a great height. While falling water is usually mesmerizing enough all on its own, Queens River Falls on Spout Path sports something extra: […]

A sound in the forest

Five years ago while I was on a beautiful hike on the East Coast Trail, I heard a suspicious sound coming from the forest. I stopped dead in my tracks and tried to find the source. From deep within the bushes, a big brown snout appeared, it sniffed a branch and proceeded to nibble on it. It was a […]

Gros Morne in spring snow

It may seem a bit strange sharing pictures of white landscapes in the middle of summer, but these snowy shots were taken only 2.5 months ago during my spring visit to Newfoundland! 🙂 After our great stay on the Port au Port Peninsula my mom and I had planned to go to La Scie next, but a freak […]

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