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Life in Newfoundland

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Whale season in Newfoundland

Whale season in Newfoundland

In Newfoundland, summer is whale season. Right now, humpbacks are showing up everywhere and they’re easily spotted from cliffside viewpoints and hiking trails around St. John’s: When hungry humpbacks arrive in St. John’s Bay, they like to go back and forth between Cuckolds Cove and Cape Spear, in hot pursuit of tasty capelin that are […]

Exploring the Baie Verte Peninsula

Last year Marije and I spent our summer vacation in Newfoundland, starting our trip with few days of sightseeing on the Baie Verte Peninsula, an area we hadn’t visited before. While we were kind of expecting to see whales and capelin, we were delighted to see bears and moose and caribou as well, there were […]

Summer iceberg on Cape Spear Path

You never know what you’re going to find on the East Coast Trail, is what I usually say, but on a sunset hike this past July I was pretty sure I was going to see an iceberg, as I had spotted it shining in the bay earlier that day. Marije joined me up to the […]

Minke whales in Cape Broyle Bay

Looking for signs of whales along the Southern Shore Highway and all its little side roads this summer, Marije and I both pointed out the window after spotting a dorsal fin slicing through the water near Admiral’s Cove. Since I know a little walking trail at the exact spot the whale surfaced, we parked the car […]

Luck of the Irish Loop

The Irish Loop is a scenic coastal drive on the Avalon, it starts just south of St. John’s and connects many small towns and harbours along the way. I’ve driven it over a hundred times to get to the southern shore sections of the East Coast Trail, and I always enjoy it. 🙂 This summer, […]

A whale watching vacation in Newfoundland

Planning a vacation around whale watching in Newfoundland is fairly straightforward, you just have to understand a few basic things about our whales: in summer, capelin gather near our shores in vast numbers hungry whales come to Newfoundland to feast on these capelin whales will follow capelin right up to the cliffs and the beach […]

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