The town of Bauline is just a short drive from our home in Torbay, I go there sometimes to see the sun set over Conception Bay. Today the harbour there was filled with ice, just like all the harbours I saw on yesterday’s drive, and yes, there was a seal present, not too far from the dock.ย Here are some pictures.

This is what you look for when you do a seal check, just a black shape that looks out of place:

Seal out on the ice – Bauline

Here’s a close-up:

Seal keeps an eye on me – Bauline

All this harbour ice really isn’t confined to the harbours anymore, it’s extending out to sea, but clinging to the coastline:

Harbour ice – Bauline

And here’s two more shots, before I had to leave:

Sunset in the harbour – Bauline

Ice, Sunset, Seal – Bauline