Today was a great day for a seal check. What’s that, you ask? It’s when I go out looking for seals in towns along the coast. This time of year many harbours are frozen over, and sometimes that ice attracts sunbathing seals. Today I saw 3 of them, but they were too far away for a good picture.

It was still a pretty good road trip, here are some pictures of the day.

The ice cover in Portugal Cove and St. Philip’s was too fluid to support anything heaver than a small bird:

Slushy harbour ice – Portugal Cove

Frozen dock – St. Philip’s

This was the scene at the Holyrood marina, where I actually expected to see seals, like I did before. The marina had frozen over so completely that the nearest edge of the ice was a kilometre further north. So no seals here, obviously:

Marina, frozen over completely – Holyrood

The other Holyrood marina (North Arm) did show some sign of seals, but the seals themselves were missing:

Seal tracks on the ice – Holyrood, North Arm

Common Mergansers are always present in Holyrood:

Merganser – Holyrood

As I walked onto the pier, I startled a Cormorant:

Cormorant – Holyrood