Newfoundland has been invaded by snowy owls!

Apparently it happens every few years, when there is not enough food up north to sustain a growing population of owls. Young owls leave to find new feeding grounds and gradually make their way south, and because they prefer tundra-like landscapes they are drawn to areas like Cape Spear, where the barrens offer similar hunting conditions.

Today I saw several owls, most from a distance, some from pretty close up:

Snowy owl at the old lighthouse – Cape Spear

Snowy owl portrait – Cape Spear

When you see an owl up close like this it’s pretty surreal; it’s like someone borrowed one from the zoo and just put it on this rock for the day.

Anyway, these owls seem to be OK around people, which is good because Cape Spear isn’t the best place for privacy, lot’s of visitors every day. I did notice them getting nervous when they see a dog though, and also when there’s an eagle flying around…

Special thanks to Karen for sharing the owl news on her blog, without her I would not have known about them!