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Life in Newfoundland

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Whale season in Newfoundland

Whale season in Newfoundland

In Newfoundland, summer is whale season. Right now, humpbacks are showing up everywhere and they’re easily spotted from cliffside viewpoints and hiking trails around St. John’s: When hungry humpbacks arrive in St. John’s Bay, they like to go back and forth between Cuckolds Cove and Cape Spear, in hot pursuit of tasty capelin that are […]

East Coast Trail Guide, Version 1.11

With an abundance of space and fresh air, the East Coast Trail is a great place to get away from it all, now more so than ever. Today I’m happy to announce the latest version of the East Coast Trail Guide, Newfoundland’s #1 digital hiking guide: Here’s what’s new Version 1.11 of the East Coast […]

Story of the decade

The end of the decade is almost upon us, and before Marije and I step into the next one, let me share some of the milestones and highlights of our life in Canada so far: 2010 At the start of the 2010s, we were in a truly great place in our lives. We had moved […]

Short days, early sunsets

This time of year is marked by early sunsets which are not just pretty, they’re also easy to fit into an evening schedule: Here’s the Golden Hour, the scenic light before sunset: Here’s the sunset itself, out on the Beamer cliffs: The beautiful sunset afterglow: And after that, a simple moonrise at dusk: I just love […]

Spectre in the fog

In case you didn’t know, the East Coast Trail is an excellent place to see ghosts, and not just on Halloween: What you’re looking at here is the Brocken spectre, a ghostly apparition in the fog, visible whenever you’re in a high place with sunshine in your back and fog below, conditions that East Coast […]

Fall hikes on the East Coast Trail

Colourful and blustery, fall on the East Coast Trail fills the senses like nothing else, so go out and enjoy it while you can! For a little trail inspiration, here are some stories and photos from my own fall hikes: If you like what you see, check out the East Coast Trail Guide, it will help […]

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