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Life in Newfoundland

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The real reason to hike Spout Path

I’m often asked if the Spout is a good enough reason to hike Spout Path. People ask because Spout Path is a long and difficult trail which takes a toll on your knees and ankles, and sure, I get it, if you’ve never hiked this trail before you want to know if seeing the Spout […]

ECTA Fundraiser in Petty Harbour – Maddox Cove

Coming up on June 2, the East Coast Trail Association is hosting their annual fundraiser to help maintain and protect the East Coast Trail, a great cause and a great time! You can help the East Coast Trail by signing up for this event and hiking some beautiful trails with the company or support of your friends and family. […]

The suspension bridge in La Manche

Is it one of the top attractions on the East Coast Trail or is it simply a convenient way to cross the river gorge in La Manche? I say it’s both! Once, La Manche Village was a fishing community with homes on the cliffside and children playing underneath the flakes, growing up at the water’s edge. Now, […]

What’s happening in Freshwater Bay?

In many places around the world people have to drive for hours on end to get away from the city, to find some peace and quiet, to get a breath of fresh air. Not in Newfoundland. Newfoundlanders have easy access to spectacular coastal scenery and all the fresh air they want whenever they feel like […]

Spring at the Baboul Rocks

Mickeleens Path is a trail you can easily hike as a loop. Starting from either Bay Bulls or Witless Bay, first explore the beautiful coastal trail with its towering red cliffs and breathtaking viewpoints, then after you reach the end, just take the inland shortcut back to where you started. If you’ve seen Mickeleens Path’s […]

Spring hike to Freshwater Bay

On the East Coast Trail, a late March hike can feel like spring one minute and like winter the next. With a bit of sunlight on your skin and shelter from the wind you’ll feel almost warm at times, but watch out for those clouds as it’ll get chilly quick when the sun is taken […]

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