Hi there, here’s another post from Canada, this time with photos 🙂

Our house and canary yellow car – Torbay

This is where we live in Torbay, we rent the basement apartment of this house, which is brand new and very much to our liking. We also love our comfy car with heated seats and all sorts of enhancements, it even has studded tires for the coming winter.

Post Office – Torbay

One of the first things we did was open an account at the post office, the mail doesn’t get delivered where we live, you have to go pick it up at the post office. As you see there’s just a tiny box for us (the open one in the middle) but it doesn’t cost us anything so that’s OK.

Shopping for furniture – St. John’s

How do I get into this? – Torbay

Breakfast – St. John’s

After taking care of all official business and paperwork on the first day, we spent the next 2 days shopping. We bought a huge sofa and a bed as you probably read in the last post, well now you see what I mean by a bed that’s ridiculously high. Before continuing our shopping spree on Stavanger Drive the 2nd day we enjoyed a late breakfast at McDonald’s.

Out for a drive – north of Pouch Cove

Marije on a forest trail – Spearers Path

Sunset – Middle Cove

Yesterday we had lovely weather and we drove around the Killick Coast to see our new surroundings. We got stuck in a Christmas parade in Pouch Cove but people thought we were part of it and waved at us so it was a good time after all.

After that we headed into the hills towards Cape St. Francis and we walked for about an hour through the spruce forest, we saw a lot of birds but no moose, much to our mutual disappointment and relief. After walking Spearers Path we headed down the other side of the peninsula and viewed a few small fishing towns before seeing the sun set over Middle Cove and enjoying diner at Mama Soula’s, an Italian restaurant in St. John’s.

Snowy backyard – Torbay

Today I woke up to a white world as predicted by the weather forecast. It’s about 2 inches of snow and it will probably stay white all day, it’s still coming down as I’m typing this. We’ve decided to stay inside today because we’re well stocked on everything and there’s no need to freeze our butts off; the snowy white photo above is the view from our window, by the way.