Hello there, I’ve finally moved to Canada, Marije and I are together again!

After ten long and busy weeks of preparation I am now a very happy camper. Camper? Yes, my first weeks in Torbay are as unfurnished as my last few weeks in Groningen and right now we’re still sleeping on an airbed and sitting on 2 borrowed chairs. Of course it’s a lot easier buying shiny new stuff than selling crappy old junk, so we’ll be living in luxury any time now 😉

Yesterday we bought a huge sofa and a bed that’s probably 2 feet high, weird I know but those are the only ones they have here; Marije will have to lift herself into the bed I suppose.

Today, as the sun is shining, we’ll continue our shopping on Stavanger Drive, tomorrow I’m staying home to await delivery if our new sofa and bed. I don’t have a computer yet, I’m typing this post from my iPod so don’t expect a lot of new posts any time soon, I’ll also need to plug into a computer before I can show you some pictures, but I can tell you right now it’s beautiful here!