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Life in Newfoundland

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Ripple marks on the East Coast Trail

Anyone who has explored the cliffs below the East Coast Trail should be familiar with this cool geological feature: ripple marks. I’ve seen these marks along most trails, as there’s nearly always a section close to the cliffs where you can see them. In many locations it’s easy to step down from a viewpoint to […]

Puffin watching from the East Coast Trail

Every summer, the islands of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve are filled with seabirds, and the most famous among them is the Atlantic puffin. The best way to see these funny little birds is from one of the whale watching vessels that visit the reserve islands – from these boats you’ll see puffins on the […]

Beaches Path hike + boat trip

Beaches Path, as you can see in these pictures, stays close to the beach. It’s a great trail for family hikes, it’s not very long, not very hard, and there are lots of beaches to comb, especially on the Witless Bay side. Three years ago today I enjoyed a beautiful hike on this trail, I explored all the beaches, […]

Ocean sunfish in Newfoundland

The ocean sunfish is a very large and very strange creature. In Newfoundland your best chances of seeing one are at the very end of summer when the water is warm enough to accommodate them (right now!). Think of the sunfish as a big marine alien: it’s got a peculiar face with puffy cheeks and pouty lips, an […]

A fantastic last day on the water

These last few weeks and particularly this last week, Marije and I have been so busy with the move, that today we decided to take a well-deserved break from everything, to spend a day on the water with our friends on the Molly Bawn. This was our very last outing on the water and it had everything you […]

Storm Petrel rescue

A while back I wrote a little story about Atlantic puffins in need of help, but they are not the only fledging seabirds that need our assistance from time to time: there is also the Leach’s storm petrel. I saw one this morning in St. John’s, while I parked my car at the Futureshop. The tiny […]

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