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Life in Newfoundland

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Last day of winter, on satellite

Today was the last day of winter and because it was so nice and clear I checked the daily satellite photos, which showed Newfoundland in all of its wintry splendour: Isn’t she a beauty? You can clearly see the ‘river of sea ice’ flowing down the Labrador coast and splitting up just above the Great Northern Peninsula, you can […]

Blizzard at Torbay Point

This week there’s no need to imagine what it feels like to be inside a blizzard, but just in case you’ve never experienced one, here’s a blizzard picture I took on Torbay Point a few years ago: Now just imagine the wind howling around you like a freight train, and you’ve got a pretty good idea […]

First look at 2017 sea ice

Every season is different from the next, and so is every year. In some years there is very little sea ice, in other years a lot, and these ice movements are closely tied to the number of icebergs you can expect to see along shore in spring. For this reason, I check the sea ice conditions whenever I […]

Spring icebergs, come on down

Spring is just around the corner, and soon we’ll know what kind of iceberg season we can expect this year. Looking at the Canadian Ice Service daily iceberg charts, it’s clear that there are plenty of icebergs around, they’re just not on their way to St. John’s just yet: We need the right kind of wind to spread these […]

Sea ice approaching St. John’s

Another cold and clear day over Newfoundland means we get a gorgeous satellite update on the sea ice situation: Yes, there’s a lot of ice, in fact the sea ice now occupies a space much larger than the island of Newfoundland itself… No wonder it’s chilly when the wind blows in from the north! When you zoom in on NASA’s […]

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