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Life in Newfoundland

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Last day of winter, on satellite

Today was the last day of winter and because it was so nice and clear I checked the daily satellite photos, which showed Newfoundland in all of its wintry splendour: Isn’t she a beauty? You can clearly see the ‘river of sea ice’ flowing down the Labrador coast and splitting up just above the Great Northern Peninsula, you can […]

Newfoundland sea ice seen from space

Today was a beautiful day, the skies were so clear almost all of Newfoundland was visible from space: As you can see there’s quite a bit of sea ice coming down iceberg alley, and hopefully we’ll soon find out if it makes it all the way down to St. John’s this year…

March sea ice, from space

Today was a reasonably clear day which gave me a chance to look down upon Newfoundland from space. Would you look at all that sea ice! Here’s the same photo taken in the 7-2-1 band, making it easier to see the difference between ice and clouds northeast of Fogo Island: If you’re interested in this […]

A peek through the clouds

Today the clouds parted just enough to give NASA’s Worldview satellites a peek at Newfoundland. You can see that this week’s unseasonably warm temperatures have melted some of the snow on the far east coast, but what’s more exciting about this image is the sea ice that can be seen drifting in from the north, easily visible […]

The icebergs are stuck

Looking at today’s iceberg chart at the Canadian Ice Service, you’ll see a huge amount of icebergs on the grid: Is this a reason to get excited? If you like icebergs it is, but only when you keep in mind that the vast majority of these bergs is still stuck in the ice: In all this […]

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