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Life in Newfoundland

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Eagle & iceberg

When eagles and icebergs are showing off below the trail, it’s only a matter of time before they line up for a cool picture:

Spring icebergs, come on down

Spring is just around the corner, and soon we’ll know what kind of iceberg season we can expect this year. Looking at the Canadian Ice Service daily iceberg charts, it’s clear that there are plenty of icebergs around, they’re just not on their way to St. John’s just yet: We need the right kind of wind to spread these […]

Icebergs and shooting stars

Yes, tonight it is once again time for the April Lyrids, but don’t get excited just yet: with a full moon and clouds in the forecast it’s unlikely anyone on the east coast of Newfoundland will be able to see the show… I know, it’s terrible! So let me cheer you up with some images from this beautiful spring […]

Very early icebergs in 2016

Icebergs! Beautiful shiny icebergs! These mysterious frozen giants usually show up in spring when they manage to draw a crowd of curious spectators from all around the world. Looking back through the years, you’ll see that every iceberg season is different. For example, not every year is a good iceberg year for St. John’s, as some years the icebergs stay in the […]

Return to the Cape Spear iceberg

This evening I returned to Cape Spear, to see if the iceberg with the arch was still there. It was super busy, tons of people were enjoying this iceberg from the cliffs, the meadows, and many even just from the car. I hope it stays for a while, so Marije can see it too, she’s away for work at […]

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