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Life in Newfoundland

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Luck of the Irish Loop

The Irish Loop is a scenic coastal drive on the Avalon, it starts just south of St. John’s and connects many small towns and harbours along the way. I’ve driven it over a hundred times to get to the southern shore sections of the East Coast Trail, and I always enjoy it. 🙂 This summer, […]

A whale watching vacation in Newfoundland

Planning a vacation around whale watching in Newfoundland is fairly straightforward, you just have to understand a few basic things about our whales: in summer, capelin gather near our shores in vast numbers hungry whales come to Newfoundland to feast on these capelin whales will follow capelin right up to the cliffs and the beach […]

Spring hike on Cape Broyle Head Path

For iceberg watchers, the spring of 2019 will be one to remember. Hundreds upon hundreds of icebergs have been spotted along Iceberg Alley and a great number have even made it all the way to St. John’s and beyond: that doesn’t happen every year. While watching these icebergs from harbours and highway viewpoints is an […]

The real reason to hike Spout Path

I’m often asked if the Spout is a good enough reason to hike Spout Path. People ask because Spout Path is a long and difficult trail which takes a toll on your knees and ankles, and sure, I get it, if you’ve never hiked this trail before you want to know if seeing the Spout […]

Bottle Cove Trail in Lark Harbour

Last year while planning a trip to Western Newfoundland I came across an inviting picture of Lark Harbour’s Bottle Cove Trail on my kitchen calendar. After I looked up where in Newfoundland Lark Harbour was (it’s 1 hour west of Corner Brook), I decided to add it to our travel plans. Our very first hike on this […]

The suspension bridge in La Manche

Is it one of the top attractions on the East Coast Trail or is it simply a convenient way to cross the river gorge in La Manche? I say it’s both! Once, La Manche Village was a fishing community with homes on the cliffside and children playing underneath the flakes, growing up at the water’s edge. Now, […]

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