January 2014:

In January 2014 we endured/enjoyed many big snowfall events, in some cases there was even too much snow, as snowshoeing was no longer possible in waist-deep snow. The temperatures reached record levels as well, with wind chills reaching below -30℃ on a few days, causing island-wide rolling blackouts. January would not be January without its typifying period of thaw though, and near the end of the month much of the snow and ice was gone again.

January 2014 - Renews

January 2014 – Renews

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February 2014:

February 2014 was a harsh winter month. Tons of snow, ice and freezing rain, all combined with low temperatures and cold wind. On the ocean we were greeted by very early sea ice, which usually arrives in late March or early April, if it arrives at all. Near the end of February many people were fed up with winter driving and shovelling snow, and I can see their point.

February 2014 - Cape Spear

February 2014 – Cape Spear

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March 2014:

Much more winter came our way in March 2014, too much for many people. Sea ice hung around for a while, in Conception Bay and all the way down the east coast. Near the end of March the island was hit by a ‘winter hurricane’ that broke many windspeed records. By the looks of it, we’ll be seeing snow for a while longer still.

March 2014 - Bauline

March 2014 – Bauline

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April 2014:

April 2014 was shared by winter and spring. For the first two weeks we still had lots of snow, freezing rain, and freezing temperatures even during the day. Sea ice persisted in this period too, clogging small bays and harbours. The second half of the month spring slowly took over, with several mild days urging the snow to melt. During the last days of April, icebergs started to appear out of the fog. The ‘big’ story of the month: dead whales washing up everywhere.

April 2014 - Biscay Bay

April 2014 – Biscay Bay

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May 2014:

May 2014 was filled to the brim with icebergs big and small, in all sorts of shapes, all along the coast. The weather was cold, spring fog and freezing nights were the highlights, we even had some new snow. The big news of the month and year was the fact that Marije accepted a job on the other side of Canada, so we are moving to Vancouver Island…

May 2014 - Torbay

May 2014 – Torbay

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