January 2012:

January 2012 gave us lots of snow, and washed it all away again with rain. Every week the same scenario played out, deep snow with great weather, then fog and rain to clear the roads and hills of their wintry goodness. I explored many trails on the glorious winter days, blue skies and deep snow combined with temperatures well below zero made these hikes exciting and invigorating.

January 2012 - Quidi Vidi

January 2012 – Quidi Vidi

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February 2012:

February brought the exact same faltering winter as January did. Snow, rain, snow, rain, snow, etc. My winter hiking continued as usual, I even bought some snowshoes to make extra use of the good days. On the coast I saw many seals basking in the sun, they have become my regular lunch companions.

February 2012 - Cape St. Francis highway

February 2012 – Cape St. Francis highway

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March 2012:

I was absent for the first half of March 2012, but I gather it was a rather mild continuation of February. The second half of the month was filled with ice in the form of freezing rain, frozen compacted snow on the trail, and most notably sea ice and icebergs.

March 2012 - Father Troy's Trail

March 2012 – Father Troy’s Trail

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April 2012:

Icebergs were the big story of April 2012, many large tabular bergs littered the east coast and I hiked out to see all of them. On the trail most of the snow melted and the ponds thawed. In the middle of April a spell of unseasonably warm weather made everybody break out in summer clothing, but by the end of the month temperatures were low again, and we even had some snow.

April 2012 - Deadman's Bay Path

April 2012 – Deadman’s Bay Path

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May 2012:

A month dominated by iceberg scenery, again. Most of these May icebergs were bergs that arrived in March and April, only they had moved around, broken up, and found a prettier sky to melt under. Even though May started and ended with a cold week, spring arrived in a big way. There was lots of sunshine and many days saw temperatures soar up to and over 20 degrees. On the trail everything turned green and many plants started to blossom.

May 2012 - Blackhead

May 2012 – Blackhead

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June 2012:

The fierce June sun melted last month’s icebergs in a hurry, by the time the capelin arrived there was only one of them left on the entire east coast. Whales soon followed the capelin, some of them venturing very close to the beaches to get their fill. On the trail there were flowers and young animals everywhere, even though there hasn’t been much precipitation.

June 2012 - Middle Cove

June 2012 – Middle Cove

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July 2012:

This year’s July was warm and dry, some even regarded it as the best summer in the last decade. There were a lot less whales around though, enough for everyone to enjoy but still noticeably less than in my previous years here. The berries along the trail are plentiful by the end of this month but need a little more time and rain to grow big and juicy.

July 2012 - Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

July 2012 – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

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August 2012:

This year’s August was warm, hot even on a few days when temperatures soared into the tropical range. Last month’s drought made the land dry and thirsty, so I was happy to see several days of pouring rain. The berries along the trails soaked it all up and grew plump and juicy. Marije’s parents visited for the 2nd time, together we picked many raspberries and blueberries.

August 2012 - Lion's Den Trail, Fogo

August 2012 – Lion’s Den Trail, Fogo

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September 2012:

September 2012 was very warm, well over 20° Celsius right up until the last few days. Even tropical storm Leslie was unable to change the weather, or perhaps it was the reason for the extended summer, who knows. My sister and mom visited us, it was the very first time in Newfoundland for my sister and in the balmy summer conditions she was able to enjoy all the hikes and scenery to the fullest. By the end of the month the leaves started to drop and other signs of fall appeared, like toads migrating at night and ospreys flying south for the winter.

September 2012 - Spout Path

September 2012 – Spout Path

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October 2012:

October brought an abrupt end to the great summer of 2012, the weather turned cold, wet and generally nasty. Trail wise, leaves on and near the forest floor changed colour, and animals prepared for the coming winter.

October 2012 - Bowring Park, St. John's

October 2012 – Bowring Park, St. John’s

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November 2012:

November was wet and cold, in my opinion the dreariest month of the year so far. Of course the fact that my tripod and computer display were broken did not help with this perception. Towards the end of the month the temperature started dipping below freezing, and the last few days were even decorated with a decent cover of snow.

November 2012 - Father Troy's Trail

November 2012 – Father Troy’s Trail

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December 2012:

Lousy weather and a persistent flu made sure I spent most of December 2012 indoors…

December 2012 - Middle Cove

December 2012 – Middle Cove

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